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Rio De Janeiro

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Santa Teresa's Trams

This tram tour connects the Downtown to Santa Teresa, going over the Lapa Arches. The famous trams are not only for transportation of the people in the neighbourhoods or for visitors. They are literally survivors of the Old Rio’s beauty and have become city attraction and part of the local scenario, even in postcards. It’s a journey that offers an interesting path and perspective of the Marvellous City.

The tram’s itinerary is the same since 1896, when the line that goes from Centro to Santa Teresa was inaugurated. You can learn about the tram’s past by visiting the Museu do Bonde, on Carlos Brant Street, 14, Santa Teresa. The firsts and original trams are exposed there, still painted in green, as well as nobel metal parts, old pictures and the whole machinery used in different times.

The initial station is on Lélio Gama Street, next to the Carioca metro station. The trams departure every 15 or 20 minutes and the ride costs 20R$.